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Baking is a culinary technique that involves the cooking of food using an oven. Baking is a popular method for preparing of wide range of cakes, muffins, pastries, cookies, breads, and many more baked items. Baking needs practice and patience. Baking needs perfect measurements, controlled temperature, and careful mixing of the ingredients. Sharing some of the best baking tips and techniques with you which can help a lot while baking. Mentioning these baking tips and techniques while which can be easily done at home.

 Baking Essential  

  1. Measuring Tools 
  • Measuring Cups: Use dry Measuring cups for dry ingredients such as flour, cocoa powder, sugar. Use liquid Measuring cups for liquid ingredients such as milk and water. 
  • Measuring Spoons: Measuring Spoons used for measuring small amount of ingredients such as baking powder, baking soda, salt, vanilla extract. 
  1. Mixing Tools 
  • Mixing Bowls: Have a set of different sizes of bowls which can help in accommodate various recipes. Buy glass or stainless steel bowls as they don’t retain odors or react with the ingredients. 
  • Whisk: Whisk is useful tool for beating egg, and incorporating air into batter. 
  • Spatula; Use of spatula for folding ingredients, and transferring batter into another bowl. 
  1.  Baking Pans 
  • Cake Pans: Round, Heart, and Square shaped pans with different sizes are necessary for baking cakes. 
  • Loaf Pans: Loaf Pans are basically used for baking breads, and pound cakes. 
  • Muffin Pans: Muffin Pan with individual round shaped which can helped cupcakes and muffin baked easily. 
  1. Oven and baking Accessories: 
  • Cooling Rack: It helps your baked goods becoming soggy. 
  • Oven Thermometer: It ensures that your oven is at correct temperature. 
  • Pastry Brush: It helps in glazing pastries, and applying melted butter. 
  • Parchment Paper: It helps in lining baking sheets, preventing sticking. 
  1.  Baking Ingredients: 
  • Flour: The most important ingredient of baking any goodie. 
  • Sugar: The commonly used sugar are Powdered sugar and Brown sugar. 
  • Leaving Agents: Baking powder and baking soda are the essential for making baked items. 
  • Butter: Unsalted and salted both butter is preferred in baking. 
  • Vanilla Extract: The most commonly used flavour in baking. 

Baking Techniques 

  1. Creaming:  

Creaming is the technique that used to incorporate air into the batter. It helps in making the fluffy texture. This technique is typically use in making cookies, cakes, and breads. This technique can be done through stand mixer, hand mixer, and even through by hands with wooden spoon. 

  1. Folding: 

Folding is the gentle technique that used to incorporate delicate ingredients without deflating them. It is used while adding egg white or shifted dry ingredients into the batter or to the mixture. This technique is used through spatula. 

  1. Beating: 

Beating is the technique which incorporate air into the ingredients which create volume and lightness. This technique is done by electric beater. 

  1. Shifting: 

Shifting is the process of shifting dry ingredients like flour, baking powder, baking soda, and sugar before using them in the baking any goodie, as it helps in removing any lumps in the batter. 

  1. Decorating: 

Decorating is the technique which helps in making our any baked goodie more attractive. It can be done through various matters such as piping, frosting, glazing, etc. 

Baking Tips 

Here discussing some baking tips with you which can help you a lot while baking:

  • Read the Recipe of that particular baked goodie very carefully before starting baking it. 
  • Prepare the list of the ingredients in advance. 
  • Measure all the ingredients carefully. 
  • Shifts all the dry ingredients mentioned in the recipe for not getting any lump in your batter. 
  • Make sure that your oven is pre heated at desire temperature of that baked goodie. 
  • Mix all your dry & liquid Mixture carefully without leaving any lumps. 
  • Allow your baked goodie to cool down as it will helps in decorating the goodie more easily. 
  • Use toothpick to check weather your baked goodie is baked or not. 



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