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Tryout these Bakeries in Delhi  

    For best Baked goodies

Delhi is known for its diverse culinary scene, we need a bakery to run to–for last-minute birthday cakes, early-bird birthday cakes, the perfect buns and all other tea-time savoury snacks. Here are some of the best bakeries in Delhi

1. L’ Opera

L’ Opera, Khan Market, New Delhi

L’Opera is one from the best bakeries of delhi which is popular in French bakery with multiple outlets in Delhi. They are known for their authentic French pastries, bread, and cakes. Their croissants, macarons, and opera cake are highly recommended.

PRICE:  INR 200 Upwards for cakes.

2. The Big Chill cakery

The Big Chill Cakery, Khan Market, New Delhi

The Big Chill Cakery is one from the best bakeries of Delhi extension of the famous Big Chill Cafe. They offer an array of mouthwatering cakes, cupcakes, and other baked treats. Their Red Velvet cake and Blueberry Cheesecake are customer favorites.

     PRICE:   INR 150 upwards for cakes.

3. Defence Bakery

Defence Bakery, Defence Colony, New Delhi

Defence Bakery is an Delhi best bakery that has been around for several years and is renowned for its freshly baked bread, cookies, and cakes. Their almond croissants, walnut brownies, and plum cake are worth trying.

PRICE:  INR 110 Upwards for crossiant

4. Wenger’s Deli

Wenger’s Deli, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Wenger’s Deli is one of the best bakeries of Delhi which is located in Connaught Place. It has been serving delightful pastries, cookies, and cakes since 1926. Their pineapple pastry, chocolate truffle cake, and black forest cake are popular choices.

PRICE:  INR 200 upwards for cakes

5. Theos

Theos, Sangam Courtyard, RK Puram, New Delhi

Theos is a one of the best bakeries of Delhi which is known for its delectable desserts and bakery products. Their range includes cheesecakes, tarts, brownies, and artisanal bread. Don’t miss their Nutella Sea Salt Tart and Red Velvet Cheesecake.

PRICE: INR 750 onwards for cakes

6. Theobroma


Theobroma, Connaught place, New Delhi

   Theobroma is one of the best bakeries of delhi which has the bestest cakes, brownies, shakes, and many more. We recommend the Dutch Truffle Cake is one of the bestest and yummiest cake of theobroma.

 PRICE: INR 500 onwards for cakes

7. Waffle nation

Waffle Nation, Hudson Lane, New Delhi

When we want to eat waffles, we think of Waffle Nation. They make the awesome waffles, they also have the variety of different types of pancakes and shakes too. we recommend the White Forest Waffle if you are ordering a waffle and chocolate shake if you want it with waffle.

PRICE: INR 120 minimum for a waffle

8. The Artful Baker

The Artful Baker, Khan Market, New Delhi

The artful Baker is also one of the best and cheapest bakery in delhi which provide the yummiest cakes at very afforadable price. we recommend the Monte Cristo which is overloaded with dark chocolate which is so tasty.

PRICE: INR 200 upwards for cakes

9. Miam

Miam, Lado Sarai, New Delhi

Miam is best bakery for cheesecakes and also offers a variety of decadent, extravagant desserts. I’ve personally tried their cheesecake which are just mouth-watering. We recommend the blue berry cheesecake which has all the goodness of blue berry and cream cheese.

PRICE: INR 1000 onwards for cakes

10. Sibang Bakery

Sibang Bakery, Gurgoan, New Delhi

Sibang Bakery is a korean bakery where we can easily find the cakes, cheesecakes and many more baked products of korea in delhi . We recommend the apple cake , banana bread , and mini roll cake from this beautiful bakery. They also have a variety of korean buns which you can try.

PRICE: INR 300 upwards for cakes

11. Angels in My Kitchen

Angles in My Kitchen, New Friends Colony, New Delhi

Angels in my kitchen offers the variety of cakes, pastries, muffins, and more baked products at afforadable prices where you can try at once. We recommend the Black forest cake and the red velvet cake from this bakery.

PRICE: INR 500 onwards for cakes


Honey & Dough, Defence Colony, New Delhi

This bakery is making waves not just for their finest French baked delicacies, but also for their yummy cakes and pastries which are at very cheap price. they also have the breads which we recommend , milk bread is one of the best bread here. You can get customized cakes too here.

PRICE: INR 300 upwards for cakes

13. Tuileries Patisserie

Tuileries Patisserie, Karol Bagh, New Delhi

Tuileries Patisserie is the bakery which is owned by chef kamal, who is trained in french pastry. she is specialize in making different variety of cakes, muffins, pastries, and many more product which you can try at her bakery in delhi.

PRICE: INR 1000 onwards for cakes

14. Laduree

Laduree, Khan Market, New Delhi

Laduree is one of the best bakery which is located in delhi, who offers the variety of cakes and chocolate and many more baked products. This bakery is known for sweetness it has in their products . We recommend the 13 variety of macarons which they have at their bakery, which you can try atleast once.

PRICE: INR 800 onwards for cakes

15. Monique Patisserie

Monique Patisserie, Chhattarpur, New Delhi

Monique Patisserie in Chattarpur brings back the aromatic aroma of the France as they have the variety of french baked products here. We recommend the Le Manguier which is one of the variety of french cakes which has the base of biscuits and toped it with some vanilla cream.

PRICE: INR 400 onwards for cakes.




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